A Day of Being Too Early

I biked out to Burnaby today. I didn’t know how long it would take so I left early. It took 40 minutes and I arrived 50 minutes early for my audition to Stargate: Atlantis.

I went to see Married to Music [link] and Nomeansno at the Red Room today. I didn’t know the order of the bands (some other band named The Jolts was playing) so I arrived at the time it said on the ticket. 8pm. I was the first one there. I was so early that I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t bring my bag so when I wanted to write my thoughts down I had to go to a corner store to get some paper and a pen. They didn’t have any notepads so I had to buy 200 sheets of lined paper, and at the show I swear there were like 4 people who were reading over my shoulder. Some even asked me what I was doing. Hey, mind your business! But in fact I was working out a business plan for a World Wildlife Federation of Justice comic. Which I will go into detail here at a later date.

The rock show, in the meantime, was fantastic. I pity all of you who missed it. Nomeansno still has it, and Married to Music [myspace link] is one of my new faves. I talked with two of the gents from MtM about them opening for our CD release party in June and they were keen. Now let’s see if we can get our album done by then.

PS – auditions are surreal things.