Here [link] is an interesting (short) article on one of the many problems with DVDs. Basically, as you may have guessed, the people who produce DVDs hold goodies back from a box set so that you will buy the next edition.

Here’s another:


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  1. There’s a very simple way people can fight against this — stop “upgrading” to new editions. I rarely do it — I can only think of the “Transformers: The Movie” DVDs as being the only one I own two copies of due to an upgrade to widescreen in the latter one — and I’m a damned DVD addict.

    And as the poster you showed points out, there are always pirate copies. I actually have several digital versions of my own DVDs simply because playing them through my house network to my hacked XBox Media Center is far simpler than digging out the DVD and playing it. If a new DVD release ever has something truly cool I want to “upgrade” to, I won’t have any qualms about doing a “free online upgrade” — they’ve already got my money and shouldn’t be rewarded for limiting the first release like that.

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