SSZ Page Three!

Consistency is NOT the name of the game. With each page I’m trying out something new. On this page there are four changes:

1. The font is different (thanks Stewie).
2. The tone is not pixelated, but smooth.
3. There’s a lot more ink on the page! As you can clearly see.
4. The balloons are all perfect ellipses. It’s quicker that way but I don’t think the comic prof approves. We’ll see.


So for the first panel, if you look at the older pencils you can see how different the ship is. I was having a hard time with the tines in this panel so at the behest of my prof I downloaded the free google 3D modelling program “sketchup” and made a dirty model of SSZ, which I can view from any angle. It worked like a charm. A CHARM I TELL YOU!

The following pics are NOT from that program. They are much nicer:


One Reply to “SSZ Page Three!”

  1. looking good T.A. Can’t wait for page four.

    one critical comment. the panel where Prof. Ashton is demanding to be let through is a bit odd. it looks like he’s wearing a rope harness. i guess they really did want him to stay back!

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