Spaceship Zero Comic Page 2

More monkeying around. I pretty much finished inking page two, but I am going to go back and fiddle with some things. I screwed up page one in that I added the balloons before I shrunk the art down to comic book size, so the edges of the balloons are too thin.

On this second page I started screwing around with tones, as you can see, but I’m not too sold on the idea. I have my original lineart scanned in so I think I’m going to go back and put in some tones by hand, with crosshatching and whatnot. Hopefully I won’t ruin the art.

Without tones:


With tones:


4 Replies to “Spaceship Zero Comic Page 2”

  1. The perspective on the legs of the ship is disconcerting. The left leg in particular doesn’t look right at all.

    But I should have started off praising the majority of the drawings and the story and the layout. Good work.

  2. That might be the case … but it still looks off, so the tracing is incorrect.

    I downloaded page two and I know what the problem is. The way you’ve drawn it, it looks like that left leg connects behind the body (the horizon line) of the ship … when in fact it connects right on the horizon …

    I’ve made a rough alteration to the drawing and the perspectives all match up now and it looks as it probably does in the computer model.

    Don’t take this as any sort of criticism. It isn’t. It’s just a simple error. We’re all human. I’m certainly not dissing any other aspect of the comic. It’s very excellent and you’re doing a great job on it.

    I’ll definitely buy issues of SSZ when it is (hopefully) released.

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