Saturday Morning Cartoon Party Thanks!

Thanks to

1. Chris Eng,
2. his wife whose name I forget but may begin with a K,
3. Duncan,
4. Jon,
5. Chris Geisel,
6. Jason,
7. Mbeck,
8. Bev,
9. Joyce,
10, Erin,
11. Stephane,
12. Sheri
13. David
14. Jeremy
15. Amanda
16. Carina
17. Nathan
18. Cathy
19. Chris Pramas
20. Nicole
21. Caleb
22. John
23. Mike
24. Alanna
25. Chris Slater
26. Kathryn
and special thanks to Mr. Chris A. Stewart for helping tidy up.

That’s 27 people (including FIVE Chris’)!

One Reply to “Saturday Morning Cartoon Party Thanks!”

  1. Be interesting to see if all those Chris’s (Christopher’s??) we born within a couple of years of each other. Names run in cycles and I remember Christopher being very popular a few times in the last 30+ years.

    In grade one I had seven other Michael’s in my class! Eeeps!

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