They have Chocoriffic Cap'n Crunch!

Thanks to Chris & Nicole of Green Ronin fame for bringing that up with them from Seattle. And Frankenberry is crazy neon red! It looks dangerous and tastes unusual…but sweet! smcp07a.jpgsmcp07c.jpgI think that was one of the best (and longest) cartoon parties ever! From 8:30am until almost 4pm. And I was impressed that Chris Eng and his wife weathered the full 7+ hours. Duncan & Jon did well too.

Galaxy Rangers was first – Eng requested it and I provided it on the caveat that it would be at 8:30. I was half-banking on noboby committing to being here that early (boy was I wrong). As Eng left the party I said something to the effect of “now that you’ve seen Galaxy Rangers for the first time in 17 years, you never need to see it again, do you? Any time you want me to kill one of your happy childhood memories, you just let me know.” We enjoyed the exposition of Spider-Man, the crazy vacuum-clam robot on Rocket Robin Hood, and jibed about how the lesson on the D&D cartoon was that you should never trust Dungeon Master. In Jonny Quest, we guffawed over how Jonny had to rescue Race by removing the bar from a door, only to have the door swing in the opposite way.

Jeremy brought me the Transformers sticker book (you’ve seen some of those stickers on my dresser) which was COMPLETE! Cathy brought me some bubble bath in an octopus-shaped container and some stamps of the monster cereal…I’ll try to scan them in so you can see them.

Everyone enjoyed the Harry Mudd episode of Star Trek animated where we got to see Kirk and Spock finally expressing their true feelings for one another, and we had a bit of a singalong with the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song on Ren & Stimpy. Everyone was surprised of Freakazoid and “Toby Danger” and Mike Jackson (mention #3!) remarked that I showed a Bugs Bunny cartoon that he had never seen before! I showed the “Over the Edge” episode of Batman, which always makes me cry (even through Joyce wasn’t thrilled with it! – what a crazy kid) and as usual The Ripping Friends found new ways to disgust and tickle us. I showed one of my favourite episodes of The Tick (and there’s a lot of great ones) featuring Tongue-Tongue and the Mad Scientist Expo. Venture Bros, Futurama, Samurai Jack all classic and I featured two “premieres” – cartoons never before seen at a cartoon party because they are rare and not well known: the Korgoth of Barbaria pilot (which I’m told has been picked up by Cartoon Network)

and the one and only The Amazing Screw-On Head (which I’m told will never have a sequel)

Now I just have to get rid of this excess cereal!

I believe next year’s theme will be time travel…and I will play the episodes in chronological order! Or maybe reverse chronological order???


8 Replies to “They have Chocoriffic Cap'n Crunch!”

  1. {Thanks for Everything Toren}

    Even though my head was spinning
    from all the stimulation when I left,
    I had a great time.

    Glad it was a hit.

    I’m going to photograph the actual Monster cereals
    one day soon and I’ll send you copies when I’m done.

    Next year I think we should all get “I survived” t-shirts.


  2. Thanks for having me over, Toren. Next year I will try to book the whole day off for cartoony goodness!

  3. Sorry I had to miss the fun dude. Judging from the two clips above I know I missed some good stuff.

  4. It was awesome as usual Toren! I think Bev. snoozed through 80% of it, as she usually sleeps in until 11am and refused the sugary cereal. Foolish gal!

    I’m still grinning from the Jonny Quest barred door gag, which was brilliant.

  5. We were happy we could make it, too. Good fun! Thanks for being understanding when the hot tub at the hotel called our names. We’re weak, what can we say?

  6. Some day when I’m Bizzaro Puck or you decide to have a “Saturday AFTERNOON Cartoon Party” I’ll attend. Mornings are to be avoided.

  7. It did go until 4:30ish, so that’s still several hours of cartoons! But it’s good that you didn’t show up – there was no room for you!

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