Rockonomics: Graphic Content

Stewie is going to be helping (read: doing) with the layout for the album, which is a relief because I know he is a crack shot and reliable, not to mention close at hand for the beatings. Jordan had the idea of doing the cover as a photo of the pocketbook parody, which is a good one. Taylor will be the official photographer for the project, and Mike Jackson is going to be taking on the role of Dr. Timothy Vess – the protagonist in the narrative for the album, for the purposes of liner photo. I got the mixes from Brodie finally last night, and I have been listening to them in the living room, on the computer, & at Stephane’s. There are a couple things that bug me but I think I may just be over critical of my pitch. Hopefully! If Brodie is happy with it then I must trust his professional opinion. Regardless I think it will be a kickass album of ROCK.