They Don't Tell You Anything!

So I went to my wardrobe fitting today. I tried on four different labcoats. Turns out the commercial is for some toys, not for a boardgame. Not quite as cool – but still pretty good (much better than beer or cars). So the way the film industry works is you find out you have to be somewhere–whether it be an audition or a callback or wardrobe or the actual filming–the day before it happens, which is putting poor Kenn (my day job boss) out. So even though I am super keen on acting, I don’t really want to get any more auditions for “Spanish male” or “suit-wearing engineer” for a couple weeks. Bring on the mad scientists, though.

So yeah, tomorrow I am getting picked up at 6:25 in the A.M. and being ferried out to Riverview mental hospital for shooting. That’s so crazy it just might work. But I still have no real idea what I’ll be doing or for how long. I didn’t know any of the names of any of the people (or, obviously, what the product was) until this afternoon.

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  1. So…you don’t think this is just a really clever way for them to get you to a mental hospital for the more obvious reasons?

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