Fugazi is a Time Machine

I decided to burn all my Fugazi CDs to iTunes today, and listening to Repeater really took me back to the time I was working at the TransCanada Waterslides in Chilliwack/Popkum. And since it’s a new year, and I just finished putting my calendar away, let’s just bring it back with all the other calendars in the drawer and see what I was doing around this time for the past few years. JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES!

1987 (Energy Mining & Resources dept of Canada) – I’m in grade 12! Buying comics, playing Power Enterprise no doubt, and hanging out with Dennis, Ken, Garett, Richard, Fred, Dean and Chris. I was drawing a comic strip called THE EVIL KILLER BLACK CHICKENS so I must have been living in Rosedale. 1989 (Birds & Beasts by Raul del Rio – really awful!) – all I have written down is what comics I was buying: Cosmic Odyssey 4, She-Hulk 1 and West Coast Avengers 44 (ew). HOWEVER – in March I get trapped in an elevator. So I was definitely going to Fraser Valley College. Was I living at Cultus Lake yet?

1990 (Ghostbusters II calendar) – I think I was dating either Pam for about 6 months at this point. Playing a lot of Power Enterprise (my superhero roleplaying game).

1991-1994, I don’t seem to have any calendars for these years but I imagine that I was working at DeVry greenhouse, the waterslides and the Bookman, and dating Margret.

1995 (Cyber-Cthulhu) – I had met Lindsay and was possibly dating her, was playing D&D with Chris, Warren & Bob and I think I was working at The Book Man while being on welfare.

1996 (Cyber-Cthulhu) – still living in Chilliwack. Playing Magic: The Gathering and doing rock shows at The Hungry Eye and The Niagara. This was the year I was dating Lindsay and moved to Vancouver.

1997 (Cyber-Cthulhu) – dating Amber (for another week or so).

1998 (HR Giger calendar) – working on the art for Cults Across America and living with Kenny B in this very apartment. I was dating Shelly and it was snowing. The band had just played a new year’s gig at the Royal Hotel in Chilliwack with Mystery Machine and we played “The Innsmouth Look” for the first time live.

1999 (Edward Gorey calendar) – I was working at Macneill Library Services, doing art for Wizards of the Coast, dating Gina and getting ready for the second annual Saturday Morning Cartoon Party. I guess that would make this year’s the tenth!

2000 (Edward Gorey) – took a trip to New York, stayed with Thomas.

2001 (AdBusters – with Chris’ art) – Dating Tinessa. Playing D&D with Theo, Jon, Rob & Nathan. Drawing a lot of D&D art. I believe at this point I may have quit MLS and was working full time from home on art.

2002 (The Art of Marvel) – Playing quite a few shows with the band – The Cobalt, Area 51 and then the Pic Pub.

2003 (Cult Attack movie posters calendar) – playing lots of RPGs like Call of Cthulhu with Palle, Don, Sam & Mike, M&M and D&D. Met James and started rehearsing for Ed’s short film “Graveyard.” I had just met Sheri.

2004 (Gothic art by Barry Moser) – hanging out with Yvonne, Ursula & Anghold; Got drunk for the first time in probably 13 years; mentoring Liam on designing a Role Playing Game; playing D&D, Mutants & Masterminds and Call of Cthulhu.

2005 (Edward Gorey calendar) – it was snowing. I was spending a lot of time with Marlo but we hadn’t started dating. Playing D&D.

2006 – Talking with a guy from VFS about doing a Thickets DVD package – which ended up fizzling out. Getting fat on shawarmas and bubble tea.