Rockonomics Appendix

The recording of vocals will take place next month, and mixing in February.

So here’s an explanation of this:

While we were songwriting, I was feeling that the band was getting too caught up in the tropes of the same old grunge rock. Everyone’s solos were technically good, but the pattern I noticed was that they lacked personality. So I gave a little pep talk on such. Using the white erase board we use for writing out song parts, I made a little inspirational/motivationl flow chart that looked a little something like this:  giraf.jpg

As I was doing so, Mario grabbed another pen and added the following:


Which expressed exactly what I meant better than I was doing myself. So during the rest of writing and the recording sessions, my mantra became “more giraffe.”

And that explains the printout you can see hanging on the wall next to Jordan and Mario’s spots in the recording studio.

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  1. i guess the bright side to not being around to help write songs is that you don’t get caught up in the same tropes of grunge rock. it also helps that i can’t do improvisational solos and thus avoid them unless necessary.

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