Rockonomics Day Five

Warren’s Day!



Here’s a new idea for a Jack Black movie – the Stool of Rock


Jordan came back to pack up his drums.


He came with his lovely wife Tara


Who, while Jordan was packing up his drums, was heard to say “are those our good blankets?”


Mario Loves Chocolate


Brodie tells us how he really feels in the best form of communication available to mankind: t-shirt slogans.


The force is strong with this one.

3 Replies to “Rockonomics Day Five”

  1. This is like a VH1 behind-the-music documentary. I’m waiting for the moment the narrator says (in a somber tone) “And the came the drugs that would ultimately destroy the band.”

    Yet I see no Space Mead.

    Rock on, Toren. Looks like you’re having a blast. I can’t wait to hear the new album.

    – Dave

  2. “Are those our good blankets.” Haha. Women. They just don’t understand the recording process. Good blankets are a necessity.

  3. you forgot to mention that the guitar i’m playing (the white one) is appraised at $10,000 CDN! thank god i didn’t break it!

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