Rockonomics Day Three

This morning we finished off the last few tracks. We worked on drums for Theme to An Earthquake and Return to Melanesia, some of which we may use, some of which we may not.

Then it was Merrick’s turn for bass do-overs and pickups.

Today’s dinner was from Green Lettuce, the Chinese food prepared in an Indian style. Tasty!


The picture behind Jordan is a giraffe. Remind me to explain that later.


Here is the control room


This reverberator is beautiful! It looks like it belongs on the dashboard of Spaceship Zero.


18toren05.JPG  18merrick065.JPG 18mario02.JPG 18drummer003.JPG 18warren007.JPG
The boys in the band!


I was taking photos of the drum kit and the various microphones that went with them, and this shot turned out accidentally artsy.


Look at that handsome Greasy Spawn toque Mario is sporting! Don’t you want one now?



He came to rock. Sometimes that’s all you got.

I learned that Nomeansno recorded “Wrong” at this studio, and that we are the last band that will record here before they move to a new space. Ooooh, deep!

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  1. Watch studio is it? That has got to be an eerie coincidence, or is it. IS IT?! You demon eye pic is very fitting.

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