Two Complaints

1. If you’re at a store and you see a box of “Hershey’s Sticks” – a box of 11g sticks of chocolate (only 60 calories each) – and you think “Oh I’ll try that,” I’m here to tell you – RESIST! It’s really the worst chocolate I’ve had in a long time.

2. I would like to lodge a formal complaint against Stewie for making me watch not one, but four episodes of Viva La Bam, which is a “reality” show of Bam Marguera (Jackass fame) doing nothing but showing how the idle rich can waste time, money and brain cells. Absolutely abysmal.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for my next exciting episode of TOREN’S BLOG, when we’ll complain about religion and the weather!

3 Replies to “Two Complaints”

  1. I didn’t make you do nothin’ – and fair is fair, I did agree with you that they were extremely crappy, now that they got it into their heads to try and script their whacky antics.

    We could have watched the finale of MASH, but the disc was broken.

  2. No, as in it’s new, but doesn’t read. I know, I know. I fully acknowledge the limitation of the medium. Mind you, I’ve bought new VHS movies in the past that had production errors in them, so…

    Actually, I’ve noticed a new one that I anticipated, but hoped wouldn’t happen. I’ve noticed that the older DVDs at video stores have real playback issues, as every jerk on the planet gets their grubby mitts on them. This wasn’t an issue with VHS, as you had to dip them in water or peanut butter to ruin them.

    I predict within the year, it will be common to see disc polishers (a la the bank of them you can see at Charlie’s) in all video stores, as they are becoming a MUST in order to preserve the library in any given store.

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