Little Mister Sunshine

I saw Little Miss Sunshine with Joyous the other day. Thereat I saw the trailer for History Boys. Richard “Withnail and I, Harry Potter” Griffiths looks like he’s on the way out. Alan Arkin could go soon too (and if you saw the movie, you have a hint at what made me think about this). Okay, okay, we all know death is sad. But I think of it this way. A person is like a ginormous library. Not just a library full of textbooks and manuals–the factbook that matter changes form when the particles heat up and move faster is in everyone‘s library–but everyone has wisdoms and insights that are extremely particular to their life. Everyone has brilliant and valuable observations about life that are unique to them. That’s the unique library inside everyone. Thankfully, a lot of smart people record their thoughts and ideas, one way or another. I will never have a chance to meet Edward Gorey and ask him specific questions, but he has a huge published volume of work that I can access at any time. So does Alan Arkin, in his films (and apparently some kids books and sci-fi tales!). But I know that the thoughts and ideas that make it into print are but a fraction of the libaries in people’s heads. And that’s the real sad part.

But who would have time to read all those books anyway? Not me. One day they’ll just download everyone’s thoughts and ideas into a giant computer that we all are connected with at all times and life will be a twisted nightmare of non-identity. Until then, enjoy!

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