Gaming & Drawing

Strange things are afoot in gaming and art. After not having a regular gaming campaign for a while, I find myself with four different gaming projects on the go.

1. Call of Cthulhu – which I’ve been involved with for a few months now. Caleb is running.

2. Drexoll D&D Campaign – a little once a month “perpetual” campaign which I started today (yesterday) and which went reasonably well. DM: me. Next episode in January.
3. “Girls Campaign” redux – the old group with Kelly, Michelle & Paul with some changes are getting back together for a short 5 episode December-long jaunt into swords and sorcery. I’m DMing for a few sessions then Paul will take over.

4. D&D refugees – new campaign starting up with the CampyCon group. Geoff is running. I told them I couldn’t really commit until January but they’re not letting that stop them.

I’ve got to make sure all this gaming doesn’t cut into my productive time. Especially since:

a. The kids book is getting back on track.

b. I’ve accepted two quick-turnaround gaming illustration jobs after a drought for months and months.

c. Outnumbered (as described in the previous post).

d. The album, of course.