Everybody deserves to know that the Wachowski brothers are apparently working on a live action Speed Racer movie. What did you do to deserve that? I’ll let you reflect.

But it’s not all bad news on this blog entry. Here’s a tip from Steve Schnier what he posted in the comments of Uncle Eddie’s Theory Corner

Back in my student days, we had a ‘bit’ that we always pulled on the grumpy guy who owned the local deli . We made up cards that read, “Congratulations! Your meal is on the house!” Every now and then, we’d pull a bunch of napkins from the dispenser, slip in a card and replace the napkins – knowing that in a few hours time, someone would claim their ‘free” meal…

That’s a good one.

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  1. Hi Toren,

    If you’ve never read it before,
    you should most certainly tack down a copy of
    “Sabotage in the American Workplace: Anecdotes of Dissatisfaction, Mischief and Revenge” by Martin Sprouse.

    It’s amazing.


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