$50 Fantasy

On the Vancouver Gaming Guild messageboards some feller posted that he was moving out of town (to Victoria) and was getting rid of a bunch of warhammer & D&D miniatures. I conned Joyce into driving me out to Richmond so that I could look at what he had. I told him I had $40 to spend. He originally quoted a buck a miniature. I walked away with probably 300 miniatures, a battlemat, a bunch of primers, paints etc, and about 15 books and magazines for $50. Joyce, not being privy to the nerdiness that you all are, just stood there and looked at me like I was Jack the Knife, which was very amusing to me. But she warmed up to me after that when we went to the Aberdeen Mall and I bought her some thai curry chicken and we took in the spectacle that is Daiso (I got some striped toe socks for myself).

We then came home and watched Requiem For A Dream which had great acting, great music, and great cinematography, but as anyone who has seen it knows, is a bit much. Joyce agreed to watch it thinking it was Memento. HAHAHAHA!

After she left, I spent 2-3 hours picking out the minis and books that I wanted to keep. Then I packed the rest up to give to Paul and to take to the Drexoll Games First Annual Game Auction, which was tons of fun (and free donuts). I sold 54 rare Eldar minis for $7, probably about 75 orcs for $1, and probably about 50-100 assorted D&D miniatures (some painted, some not, some plastic, some pewter, some lead) including 2 dragons and a big ass minotaur for $10. And with the $17 I made from the battlemat (thanks Geisel) I already made back $34 of the $50 I spent the night before. The assorted magazines, books, crazy D&D collectible cards, and rest of the stuff in a two foot stack that nobody bid on I gave to a 10 year old keener who was the only person that was interested in them. His dad wouldn’t let me sell it to him for 50 cents, so I took a fin. The kid was super-stoked and that made me feel good. Truly, the children are our nerdy future.