Assorted Miscellany


Today I am working on the “Greasy Spawn” toque graphic. I’ll be making up 48 of these babies in green and black toques with a green and dark purple image of “GREASY SPAWN” against tentacled bat-wings. Should be fun.

I’ve also been focussing on prepping the Thickets album. What we do, see, is we record the band during practice in Chilliwack with Troy’s equipment, then it gets put on CD and I bring it home and add vocals, maraccas, whatever. So in a few days I’ll pretty much have the entire album done “unprofessionally” but still good enough quality to make out what’s going on. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to hear some tracks. But not over the internet. No no no.

I think I am now up-to-date on Battlestar Galactica, thanks to Stephane. I really think, to misquote Egon, TV is dead. Or TV as we know it. I notice a couple more commercial-free channels have come onto my dial since Turner Classic Movies (which showed The Seventh Seal today – something that’s been on my list forever!). I mean who really has the time to schedule themselves around TV shows? In modern dramas, you miss one show and you’re hooped. Might as well wait for the DVD or, if you’re like my friends, download them from the Intraweb.

I’ve recently been in contact with someone who wants to do a Rocket Robin Hood comic book. I really really like that idea. That’s all I’ll say about it for the moment.

I went on the Ghost Train on Wednesday. I had no idea we had a little train in Stanley Park. I’ve lived here for 10 years. The Ghost Train was cheesy and about $3.50 overpriced but entertaining.

On Sunday I’ll be at the Vancouver Comicon at Heritage Hall at 11am on the dot, then I have to burn rubber for the Drexoll Games auction at noon. Now that’s exciting!