There Is Always That Guy Who Shouts "Space Ghosts!" From The Back

I would say that tonight’s show was one of the best. Not for audience participation, which was very good, by the way, and not for the fact that we played well – we did, generally – but for the sheer fact that we really enjoyed playing. Little secret – sometimes we don’t. But the last two shows have been outstanding for that. I’m positive that it has to do with the fact that we’re playing new material – stuff that we just created and are reasonably proud of – we’re playing it well – and best of all is that we are getting very positive feedback on it. We are doing our rock jobs and it is F.U.N.


There was a trivia contest – name one of the five pelagic zones – which got some nice young woman a cigarette case, a head in a jar, a troll baby, a Stay Puft cap, a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VHS, and other awesome stuff that was leftover from my birthday auction.

Taylor was there to snap shots – updates on that asap.

I made a fun-fur necktie to go with my outfit, which was flippin’ sweet, as the kids say.

Joyce got to see the full Thickets experience, WITH CTHULHU.

Mario spilled an entire jug of water onstage.

We sold LOTS of merch. New shirt design seems like a winner.
Like I say, fan appreciation was at a maximum. I got comments from two separate people who had never heard of us before, just came into the Backstage Lounge for drinks or whatever, and left shaking my hand and buying CDs or buttons. That makes me feel good.

Jordan was on fire.

Clever things I got to say:

“Isn’t this the most faun you’ve ever had on a satyr-day?”

“You know what I love about those motion activated towel dispensers in the bathroom? They make me feel like a FUCKING WIZARD!” (makes hand gestures)
Merrick: “Except it takes three tries to make them work.”
Me: “That’s consistent with my spellcasting prowess.”
(slightly paraphrased)

“So the bartender lives in my apartment building. I guess my secret’s out” (point to fun fur necktie)

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  1. i love playing gigs. i think there should be a cardboard lifesize cutout of me on stage so i am duly represented at the rock shows.

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