The Departed

Have you seen The Departed yet? No? Well I’m about to talk about it, particularly the ending.

You’ve been warned.

Sometimes a film tries so hard to be anti-Hollywood that it becomes Hollywood. Especially when it IS Hollywood. And that’s what struck me about the ending of The Departed, which I was quite enjoying until it got to that point. First 4/5ths of the film: 8 out of 10. Last fifth of the film: 4 out of 10 what with all the shenanigans.
PS – anyone know why it’s called The Departed?

3 Replies to “The Departed”

  1. Well, it’s a remake of a Hong Kong film called “Infernal Affairs” ( Though that doesn’t speak at all to why it’s now called “The Departed”. Well, “Infernal Affairs” does sound kind of goofy, and a bad pun at that.

    Perhaps the folks in “The Departed” are just so bad, so immoral, that they’ve left their humanity?

    I don’t know, haven’t seen it yet.

  2. “The Departed” are the dead. Which, at the end of the movie is nearly everyone.

    There was even a line early on, “Did you know the departed?”

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