Slackademics: Musicology

Tonight Joyce and I met John at Stephane & Sheri’s for a night of food and learning how to read music! It was very edumacational, as are all Slackademics courses. There was some degree of surprise to find out that I do all my “songwriting” by humming and vague drawing.

Does everyone know what the Circle of Fifths is? I do. Jealous?

Well you’ve got another chance for learning, just pipe up and let me know what you’re in the market for. We got some call for comic book appreciation, voice acting, vegetarian/vegan cooking, horror/scifi film theory, and Photoshop/Digital graphic manipulation.

3 Replies to “Slackademics: Musicology”

  1. Jealous? You bet! My mouth is still sore from the dental work, when I’d much rather have had the pleasure of music! Grrrrr Arrrgh!

  2. if i’m not mistaken, 5th’s are power chords baby! not sure what a circle of fifths is though. perhaps all the fifths played from A to G and back to A again?

  3. you should bring one of your song tapes for the slackademics class. that would really be enlightening for them. especially if you bring another tape of the band playing what you hummed.

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