Slightly Dull Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was full of frisky frolics. I went into Chilliwack on Friday to hang out with Mr Woods and to practice with the band one last time before the show. I’ll put up some photos courtesy Amanda soon enough.

We played some Destroy All Humans for the XBox. It was a lot of fun, destroying tanks in a flying saucer and whatnot. Reminded me a little of the Invader Zim cartoon. And I totally pigged out on the worst kind of junk food, it was liberating (dark chocolate almond bark, peanut M&Ms, Black Pepper Jack Doritos, and licorice allsorts). We hit the Value Village and waited in a long line. We had lunch at the Airport Cafe and the waitress was surly AND screwed up my order. She tried to invoke the “no substitutions” clause on the Daily Special stand-up (I’m sure there’s a name for those plastic things, but I have no idea what to call it) but they forgot to put it on. At least the pie was delicious, as usual.

The rock show at The Vault went well, despite 3/4 of the band being sick with cold (including me). We played six new songs and they went over pretty well I think. I had to use cheat sheets for some of the lyrics. Merrick stuck me at the door taking people’s money, which was a pain, asking for $5 from disinterested old farts and people who didn’t have to pay because “we are friends with the owner” but at least we sold a goodly amount of merchandise. Clearly I should have brought more Big Robot Dinosaur and Sendak Cthulhu pins as they were all the rage.

Regardless, lots of fun in goat legs.

I got home in the wee hours of Sunday morning thanks to Peet and Amanda, listening to Zombina & the Skeletones (“Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead” is a good one) on the trip.

On Sunday it was a bit of Call of Cthulhu with Caleb & the Gang and then hanging out with Joyce getting a good workout trying to explain how roleplaying games work. Also watched the comedic wuxia film White Dragon which was weird but pretty fun.

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  1. I have the White Dragon DVD (got it cheap) and it was very odd. Starts a broad humor, then gets a little deeper and ends in the sad wuxia style. Not sure what to think, but I enjoyed it.

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