My Momma Done Tol' Me When I Was in Knee Pants

My new e-friend Joyce asked me to pick a favourite song from the 70’s through to the 00’s. I upped the stakes by going back to the 30’s, and I thought I’d share with you:

30’s When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano – The Ink Spots
40’s At An Arabian House Party – Raymond Scott
50’s Day-O – Harry Belafonte (I couldn’t think of anything else)
60’s Let’s say….Across the Universe by The Beatles (special mentions: King Kong vs Godzilla main title a capella by Akira Ifukube OR anything from the Spider-Man cartoons composed by Ray Ellis.)
70’s Mahna Mahna by the Muppets? Hmmm.. or Truth Hits Everybody or Message In A Bottle by The Police. There’s so many good ones on Regatta de Blanc. Or how about Looking for Today by Black Sabbath?
80’s Not counting any Monty Python songs…Rags & Bones by NoMeansNo. Or Overkill by Men At Work.
90’s SO HARD to choose. 100 Years (Of Tears in the Wind) by Masters of Reality; End Titles from Miller’s Crossing (Carter Burwell); What Deaner Was Talkin’ About OR Buckingham Green by Ween; Isobel by Bjork; There are like five 10/10 songs on OK Computer; most of the songs off Queens of the Stone Age debut album.
00’s – I’ll keep it to one. I’m gonna say Rock Your Socks Off by Tenacious D.

or Hustle Rose by Metric.
OH CRAP. Subject to change – ask me again in 2010.

And now, a drawing of Bill Murray


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  1. Saw this review of a short story anthology … in particular one of the short stories is Lovecraft derived:

    Toast by Charlie Stross

    A bunch of short stories. My favorite by far is “A Colder War”, which asks, “what if the technology from Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness was recovered and played a role in WWII and the cold war?” I’m a sucker for Lovecraft sequels.

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