There Will Be Buttons

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That turned out okay. I especially like the pink on the tentacles. How much will you be able to make out at 1″ across? Hard to say.

So there is no such thing as karma. Prior to Zombiewalk, Lani, Selina and I went to Bazaar & Novelty to get makeup. I bought a makeup kit and some fake teeth, and they only charged me for the fake teeth. At the time I didn’t say anything because hey…free $13 makeup kit. But that was wrong! Wrong to do! So today I was in the neighborhood and I went in and paid them for the kit. They were, as one would expect, surprised that somebody would come in after the fact and make amends, if you will. They told me “you’ve got some good karma coming your way.” Of course, I don’t believe in karma (not cosmically, anyway–social karma maybe), and I told them so. And holy smokes was I ever proved right because not an hour later I went into Opus to look at frames, reached up to grab one on a shelf, knocked one of them down which landed on a much larger and more expensive model, and quite handedly destroyed the glass. Sorry, I’m not paying for that one. $20 is my limit, and I’m positive the one I wrecked was well over twice that.

7 Replies to “There Will Be Buttons”

  1. You are so banned from Opus!

    Good on you for making up for the kit, in the end we have to live with ourselves and now the living in a little easier.

    PS. Your email isn’t working!

  2. That reminds me of my selective ethics that I had when I was a kid… I stole from large corporations regularly, but never independent stores. Cuz the big guys had it coming….. Good on you for paying for the makeup kit… bad on you for the frame… but perhaps one cancels out the other?

  3. You only broke the glass, not the entire frame. That’s easily replaced at cost for them and they’re quickly back in business.

    As for ethics, I only steal from blind, deaf, elderly, quadruple amputee, holocaust survivors.

  4. I was about to say … but Toren beat me to the punch … if you’re looking for the “karmic reward”, then you’re looking at karma all wrong.

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