Three Quick Things

The most interesting thing I’ve listened to in a long time is this podcast of Quirks & Quarks, in which they talk about the biological programming of happiness, our desire to get it, and how it’s impossible to hang on to for any length of time. I really recommend you listen to it. General site is

Here’s a CBC video article on the Zombiewalk I partook in. I heard about the car-hitting-zombies incident days after the event. I’m glad I wasn’t on camera because those people look like idiots. (I’m not saying they are – though they might be, I don’t know.)

Thirdly, Steve Irwin, the “crocodile hunter” has died as he lived – by a dangerous animal. He was stabbed in the heart by a stingray barb. Just thought you should know. He was no David Attenborough but I admired him to some extent.

Bonus thing: Here’s an awesome quote from a recent John K blog entry:

I can’t even figure out why Nickelodeon or Film Roman or these places have live artists on staff. Why not just do what South Park does? Put the models in the computer and just copy and paste them over and over again. Why torture creative artists? I think the studios like to pretend that something creative is going on, so they hire artists then tell them not to ever make art. But dress retro so we can feel like we’re wacky.