Dynamole in Danger


Here’s Rhinosferatu and a new version of Elephantom giving Dynamole some grief. In an alternate universe this would be in color. I did the drawing in ink while I was at The Vancouver Comic Jam at the Jolly Alderman pub on Cambie & 12th Ave a few weeks ago, and then I filled in the tones in Photoshop. I meant to submit it to The Art Blog Challenge before the 31st but I never got around to it until just now. Maybe it’ll get up, maybe it won’t.

Here’s what’s wrong with it:

The composition balance is off.
The character design isn’t solid.
Knowing that I was going to Photoshop the tones, I didn’t give the outlines enough weight.
Could use a shadow or a floor line to put the characters in context to a semblance of reality.
Some other finicky flaws like eyes and other details too numerous to mention.