In My Life

I went from having no dreams for months to having really weird dreams almost every night. I dreamt that I went to Chilliwack to visit Amber and her hubby and some old guy was crucifying storks out back. That’s how my subconscious works, folks.

I didn’t make a big thing about this at the time, but in June I sat Marlo down and told her that for a little while I would have to sever all contact with her so that I could get her out of my system, and she understood. Yesterday was the first time I’ve spoken to her since then. I called her to wish her a happy birthday and we caught up to some extent. I think it’s important to keep my emotional life uncomplicated until my zen reserves are 100% recharged, so the segregation must continue until my emotional ducks are in a row. You know how some relationships end with “let’s continue to be friends – I’m totally going to call you” and it’s all a bunch of B.S? I’ve been on the receiving end of that and I refuse to be the source. So I just wanted to say “Hi, happy birthday, talk to you later” and so I did.

I think I forgot to mention – but you may have heard – Pluto has been voted out as a planet by the International Astronomical Union due to it’s literal eccentricities and small size. We now have 8 official planets again. It’s just like we’re back in 1929. Let’s hope the stock market doesn’t crash this time. If they didn’t vote Pluto out they’d have added Charon, Xena and Ceres to the list of official planets instead.

We had our last session of Mutants & Masterminds last night. We defeated the big boss villain and nobody died except for many civilians thanks to silly old Deus Ex (Mike’s character), not that Zero (my character) particularly cared, being essentially neutral. That’s what happens when you throw characters from my gritty Power Enterprise powered government agents universe into a four-colour Justice League superhero universe. The more I play D&D and M&M and other d20 games, the more I like the Spaceship Zero rules system.

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  1. “The more I play D&D and M&M and other d20 games, the more I like the Spaceship Zero rules system.” Amen Brother!

    Funny you blogging about dreams, as I was taking a break and reading some Rilke poetry and read the line “If you are the dreamer, I am what you dream.” and was glad no one came into the work kitchen right then. It is never easy with the ways of the heart.

    I’ll do the swag inventory tonight after the dentist. I’ll be in just the right mood.

  2. I had a dream last night which I’ll shorten for ease of typing and reading.

    I stumbed across a band of kids playing two of our new songs in a mall. The Shadow Out of Tim and Eaten Alive. They weren’t playing them exactly right so I went over to say hi and tell them what parts they are messing up. I apparently knew one of the kids so I went up to talk to him and at the end of the conversation I said “oh ya, if you record those songs please make sure you give credit to the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets”. One of the other kids said “fuck you” so I proceded to beat the living shit out of him and trash the mall.

    I woke up rather angry and agressive. Thankfully I also woke up sleepy and nodded back off before I hit my girlfriend and trashed our room.

  3. Crucifying storks? How terrible! But nice that I made it into your dream… as long as I wasn’t involved with the storks in any way…. unless they were bringing babies to me, then it’d make sense.

  4. That was my original thought – someone has an anti-baby sentiment. LOL
    And apparently now Pluto is back in the planet clique. Did anyone see the Colbert Report about this issue? If Pluto is in, several others also qualify, including one that is just a big round hunk of ice. I know space is big, and we are constantly learning more and more, but the kids are not going to memorize 50 planets, are they? I guess it would make the “planet reports” easier, as there will be enough to go around now, instead of having to sit through 8 reports about Mars that were all clearly lifted from the encyclopedia…

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