You Thought I Was Done, Didn't You?


I’m not 100% satisfied with these designs (ignore that I ran out of room on the paper for Animalgam’s right leg) but they give you an idea. Speaking of World Wildlife, I got this email yesterday (heavily edited for brevity):

We are actively recruiting volunteers for the Vancouver Triathlon, one of the three events (the other two were hosted in Edmonton and Calgary) for the first year in support of World Wildlife Fund of Canada (WWF).
Multisports Canada’s 5th Vancouver Triathlon in Ceperley Park (close to Second Beach, Stanley Park – downtown Vancouver). The triathlon will see the participation of over 500 athletes,
Monday, September 4th – LABOUR DAY
On the Volunteer Form, you will see a list of tasks and start/finish times… I know, I know, 5:30 am may sound a bit early [damn right – that’s 3 hours after I go to bed]! Body Marking, Registration, Set-up… all important activities that need your generous time and commitment to make it work There are other areas on the Swim, Bike and Run courses where you are needed to give directions, pass on some water to the thirsty athletes, and cheer as loud as you can! Also, you get to make new friends and support WWF in the magical set-up of Stanley Park!
fill out the volunteer form and fax it back to my attention at 604.678.5155. Should you require further information, again, feel free to email me directly ( or call me at 604.678.5152. Also, bring your friends and family and let’s join the fun!
We have t-shirts, goodie bags and food as a little token of appreciation… 🙂
If you want to find out more, please visit:
P.S.: you can forward this to ANYONE else who may be interested. Thank you!
Mimmo Di Giacomo

My response was this:

This may sound a little weird, but is there anything going on besides the athletic stuff? I’d like to stop by and make a donation but I don’t want to do anything listed on the volunteer form.

The answer was an enthusiastic “absolutely, we’d be delighted if you stopped by!” so if anyone wants to go down to Stanley Park with me late in the morning on the 4th, I’m going to check it out, donate some cash to WWF, and maybe pick up a t-shirt or something if they’re not too hideous. And try to avoid competitive people who are ruining their knees.