Clerks II – good filthy fun

Clerks II was entertaining, but a little clumsy, like all of Kevin Smith’s films. You know when the only clue that you’re supposed to feel sadness or angst or sympathy is because a song is starting, you’re in trouble. Also, what is it with Smith characters stating their diehard convictions and then bailing on them at the drop of a hat? In Chasing Amy it was lesbianism, and in Clerks II it’s anti-marriage. Seems weird to me. Smith is good at snappy dialogue. Really good. I think everyone knows that. (Also Stephane makes a good point that all of the characters are speaking with Kevin Smith’s voice – this is something I notice with Joss Whedon too.) But I wish the actors were given a chance to act. The only breaks in dialogue occured when it was time to feature a song. Film is a visual medium too! There was one really powerful moment in the middle of the film, which unfortunately occured during a MONTAGE. Randall wasn’t saying anything. He was just staring quietly, thinking. That was an amazing bit because normally his character never shuts up, but it seemed almost accidental, like Smith didn’t mean for it to be profound because it was during a MONTAGE. But I’ll take it. And there were a few good belly laughs so it’s worth seeing if you like Kevin Smith movies. And props to my homeboy Chris Woods.
Other movies I want to see: Little Miss Sunshine (yay Alan Arkin!) and The Illusionist. Anyone? Tinseltown.