It Came to Me In A Dream

This morning I dreamt of orchestrating the fireworks to Mark Mothersbaugh’s Ping Island Lightning Strike Rescue, and it’s the best idea my subconscious has ever had.

Listen: (4 megs)

As for my consciousness and the rest of me, we’re off to Penticton for the weekend. Until Monday, I will leave you with this message I got on OKCupid:

Hi ! I am called Elena, me with 26 years. I have seen your structure,
and it loved me, therefore I have decided to write to you the letter.
I would be pleased, if you have written to me the answer to my letter,
and we might study each other better. I should request you, please
write to me the letter on mine email : . I
shall be pleased to see your letter, and I shall answer all your
questions. I shall tell at once, I shall try to lead with you a lot of
time and you with me do not become bored. Bye my new friend
Elena !!!!!!!!

3 Replies to “It Came to Me In A Dream”

  1. You should compose a reply in Russian using Babelfish ( Maybe her structure will love you too.

  2. Is that the song from Life Aquatic that starts as plinky Casio sounds (as they emerge from the ocean) and builds to a full orchestra as they make their way across the island? That’s an awesome song. If so, that’s an awesome song.

    There’s a really nice feature on the Criterion Life Aquatic 2CD set, where Mothersbaugh explains how he’s been expanding Anderson’s musical horizons with every film.

    And yeah … the wonderful Russian spam on OKC. I simply report it all. Haven’t got any in quite awhile. I guess they’re trying to start up again.

  3. Elena is obviously a keeper Mister Macbin. Seize the moment, head to Russia and marry this girl! Oh, you’re going to Penticton for the family thing. Hmmm, then nevermind.

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