An Inconvenient Truth

Maybe you’re the kind of person who only sees special effects-laden blockbusters on the big screen because everything else can be enjoyed just as well on DVD. But I think you should see An Inconvenient Truth as soon as possible. It is extremely informative and to some extent, time-sensitive. It’s the kind of movie I would have taken Tinessa to see because she was of the opinion that the whole global warming phenomena was an unproven hoax…a leftie scare tactic. As Mr Gore points out, yes global warming is a controversial theory, but only in the media. Scientists do not consider it controversial nor do they consider it a theory. It’s pretty  scary what is going on, and how the US administration is pretending it’s not, but the good news is that it’s not just Gore telling us the sky is falling. If we get our shit together we can in fact do something about it. So the movie kind of has a happy ending, but only if we take the information with us and do something about it. If I’m proud of anything in my life, it’s my low “ecological footprint” lifestyle (though there’s always room for improvement). So the movie didn’t need to sell me on anything, but it was chock full of incredible facts and I did come away learning a lot. For example 10,000 years ago the ice in the Canadian Shield melted enough that the water leaked out into the Atlantic Ocean and disrupted the conveyor currents, causing an ice age over Europe in as little time as a decade. This could happen again from the ice on Greenland.
So, seriously, next time you buy light bulbs, get the energy efficient kind.

Also, did Alberta ever really spend that 1.5 million to publicize its opposition to Kyoto?

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  1. I doubt we can do anything about it. The world is run by corporations who only care about money. Governments mostly helps them. The problem is way too slow and random for common people people to see it. Part of the problem is population. That won’t stop going up until people start starving. Then the world will get crazy or everything could be different but fine.

  2. Maybe this is part of the Republican grand strategy. Melt Greenland, destroy Europe, take over the world. I wonder what we have to melt to destroy China at the same time?

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