Half-truths, Justice and the American Way

I was watching the first Christopher Reeve Superman flick the other night and I’d like to talk about the scene where he’s being interviewed by Lois. One of the things he says so earnestly is “I never lie.” Well, Supes, that’s almost true. In your non-lying identity. But your other identity, Mr Kent lives a life that is a constant lie. And I can also point out times when he specifically lies. So I call shenanigans on that little declaration.

Secondly, at the end of the tape (yes, I watch movies on vhs – I live for being able to fast forward through FBI warnings), were screen tests. They actually shot that scene of the rooftop interview on movie film stock with everyone in full costume for a variety of actresses. And let me tell you, when Superman has enormous wet spots on the armpits his long underwear, the best acting won’t draw your eyes away. I don’t recommend it.

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  1. No but I have now and I’m glad I did. My favourite is Black Widow. Maybe I’ll work on a revamp of Red Tornado – or would that be sacrilege?

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