Her Name Is Rio

Well I’m pleased as punch that the owner of the Rio, my new fave theater, would post a comment on my blog. I went to see Superman again last Wednesday with Stewie and I realized I forgot to mention one other advantage of the Rio – it’s got a balcony! As Mukesh points out, Lady in the Water starts on the 21st. I’m game.

In other news, The Thickets had a great writing session tonight and we’ve nigh locked down two previous roughs* and we’ve got a couple new concepts on the table**. So we’ve basically got (in no particular order):

Warren’s Song (Eaten Alive)

The Makening

Sleestak and Yeti (Arise)

Operation: Get the Hell Outta Here


*Downtown (now with chorus)

Kill the Chupacabra Tonight

They Come in Threes

*The Shadow Out of Tim

You Know You’re A Monster When (Automatic)

Bed of Flame (Son of Kablam)

**Merrick’s Song

**Our Part of the Bargain

That’s totally an album’s worth of songs! But I want a get a couple more in there yet, like Hall of Doors and Made In Leng.

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  1. Bev and I wanna see Lady in the Water, so let me know when you’re going (Friday/Saturday is usual best for her) and we’ll follow you!

    And the Thickets news is great. Git back to work rock boy!

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