We're Living In A Society!!!

Everyone knows not to talk in a movie theater. Right? Right?

Well here’s something else I’d like to point out. This is particularly true if you’re in a book or comic store. If you’re talking to the clerk/owner at the cashier desk, and there’s somebody standing behind you with product in their hand, get the fuck out of the way. You can keep talking if you like, I don’t care, but I have places to be and none of those places are behind your bigass backpack and your Superman Returns critique. And I’m sure the owner of the store would like to take my $20. I have given up and put the book back in frustration before, and I’ll do it again.

Don’t be a schnook

Let me buy my book

2 Replies to “We're Living In A Society!!!”

  1. I have witnessed this phenomena before at the Green Dragon, my local comics/occult/gaming store. It seems that some of the adults who enjoy reading Justice League and playing Warhammer are often quite lonely and desperate for any sort of human interaction. they will chat you up in the aisles and blather away the livelong day at the cash register. Get out of my way and let me buy my Miskatonic University capaign setting!

    Worse still is when you have a clerk at a store like this who does the same thing. I mean, yeah dude, it’s nice to know that you’ve played the Tatters of the King campaign I’m about to buy, and that you thought it was “rad”, but I really could do without the blow-by-blow account of your last session.

  2. Shows you the business sense(less) of the clerk/owner, who would rather kill sales in favour of idle chatter. They should be telling their “buddy” to hold the observation of Whedon’s female empowerment and make the sale with you! Comic Book Guy is not fantasy character!

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