Hello Chocolate, My Old Friend

Here, for your disinterest, is a list of my favourite foods:

Licorice, Bubble tea (taro milkshake), Chocolate (especially dark chocolate), Pizza (particularly Mediterranean with feta cheese and kalamata olives), Ice cream, Butter tarts, Butter chicken, Roast potatoes, “Home fries,” Chicken shawarma, Miss Vickie’s sea salt and malt vinegar chips, Hardbite honey mustard chips & Rold Gold honey mustard pretzel chunks, Count Chocula, Golden Grahams & Reese Peanut Butter Puffs, Four cheese tortellini, Syrupy ball desert found in Indian restaurants, Henry Weinhardt’s Premium Draft root beer, Yams with brown sugar, Wasabi peas, Peanut M&Ms, Bridge Mix, Chai tea.

From that list, here’s what I was able to eat/drink on the MediFlat diet: Chai tea (after a fashion).

However the MediFarce thang is pretty much at an end. I’ll still be eating differently than I used to, but I won’t be denying myself anything anymore, just trying to make sure I don’t overdo it. When Stewie asked me if I wanted anything from Germany, I asked him to look out for exotic Ritter Sport (good quality chocolate) flavours. He totally came through for me with a package of tiny bars featuring three new flavours. I’ve been enjoying one of the tiny bars each night for the past few nights. The old me would have the package done in an evening. Tonight is the drawing class for Slackademics and there’s no way I could partake in a potluck while sticking to the MediFool regimen.

4 Replies to “Hello Chocolate, My Old Friend”

  1. So I’m bringing the three deep fried turkeys to the potluck for nothin’?? Great. Screw you Toren, screw MediFast!

    No, I’m not crying damn it….

  2. Actually I lied – I will be denying myself of some things, because I don’t trust myself to not gorge on pizza if it’s around.

  3. The Syrupy Balls Desert, isn’t that located on the eastern side of Candyland, south of the Plains of Rocky Road?


    But yes, Gulab Jamun is yum cubed!

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