Tonight’s session of M&M was really fun, because it got really ridiculous. Nothing holds my attention better than getting to choose a new power each turn, as my character is a power mimic. We trounced some nazis in the nazi universe fairly well, but my character (Zero) got his clothes exploded off, Ken’s character healed Lucky’s (Caleb’s character) stupid darkness-creating dog, and Mike’s character remote controlled a tank with her brain. Then we visited the ape universe where I fit in by being invisible. We realized with Ken’s illusion powers and eidetic memory, we could not just explain to the super-ape team what happened, but we could show them exactly, on a small scale, but with bigger capes and more moustaches.

To celebrate, I’ve posted some more WWFJ characters, a few of which are suddenly very close to my heart (I’m looking at you, Salamancer). You can go directly there by clicking here and please comment thereat!