Smooshed Cars

So I went in to jam in Chilliwack as usual yesterday, and saw the remains of a gruesome accident involving at least 4 mangled hulks. Traffic was backed up for miles and miles and everyone was so late that we actually only got to rock for about 45 minutes. Then I had to get on the last Greyhound to Vancouver. And that sucked the suckyiest suck. But during the trip I came up with some more WWFJ characters, which you must now rate on a scale of 1-10:


The Toad Warrior



Shaolin Monkey

Elk Diablo




I promise the highest rated one will get a drawing. Others will too but not necessarily all of them.

9 Replies to “Smooshed Cars”

  1. Stagosaurus 5
    The Toad Warrior 6
    Torqupine 6
    Robonobo 4
    Shaolin Monkey 8
    Elk Diablo 9
    Salamancer 6
    Dynamole 4
    Hellhound 5

  2. Shaolin Monkey – 10
    Elk Diablo – 8
    Salamancer – 7
    The Toad Warrior – 6
    Dynamole – 6
    Hellhound – 5

  3. Dynamole and Elk Diablo are both done. Currently working on Shaolin Monkey. I’ll post them late tonight.

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