Slackademics Drawing

I finally done did decide. The Intro to Drawing slackademics class will occur either on Friday the 7th (evening) or some time on Saturday the 8th of Juuuuly. Anyone have a preference (anyone who’s planning on coming, I should add)? The catch is that everyone has to comment on my WWFJ post below about who their favourite character is.

4 Replies to “Slackademics Drawing”

  1. MICHAEL! You’re supposed to rave about Rhinosferatu in the proper post comments area! YOU FAIL THE DRAWING COURSE.

  2. Failed?? For going against tradition and working outside of the box?! What kind of artist course you running Mister “File Comments in the Proper Form”?! As an Artist, your rules don’t apply to me! [insert popping sound made with hand to mouth]

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