It's June…and I Saw the Appropriate Bug.

(slightly larger than life-size)

junetoast.jpg Last night on the way home from Sunshine Market I saw an overturned bug. A big one. A coleopteran. I tried to flip it over without touching it with my skin in case it had some kind of defense mechanism, but I wasn’t having any luck with my grocery bag, so I used my foot. So this huge june bug latched onto the side of my Converse and I mosied over to the grass where I tried to shake it off. O beware the tenacious grip of the june bug, for it is mighty! I had to pry it off and it sounded like velcro. It’s a good thing I like bugs or I would have been freaked out.

It inspired me for yet another anthropomorphic super – Bugbear! Speaking of which–three more additions to the anthropomorphic supers post below. Check ’em out.

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  1. A bug that scares me a lot is the “Giant Water Bug” also know as Toe Biter.

    It is about 3 inches long, has a breathing tube near it’s anus, hangs upside down, catches tadpoles and fish and then punctures them and sucks them dry with its really harsh proboscis.

    They fly at night and sometimes land on shiny vehicles mistaking them for bodies of water.

    Entomology was my favorite course at university. I even still remember a lot of the latin names. When I was taking that course I captured several giant water bugs in a pond in langley …in one scoop. Needless to say, I didn’t stay in the pond for much longer.

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