Milk and Licorice

The practice before last I recorded some of the new song ideas that we had come up with. At the practice, I mumbled away with some possible singing melodies, and some of them stuck. I recorded them properly with my recording setup along with the dictaphone recordings I made form the jam session. I gave the song a semblance of structure, too, in Cubase (the sound editing program). I brought it along with me to practice on Friday and we spent the session basically polishing off a new song. I’m happy with it – it’s just the right length that it keeps you hungry for more. Like all the rest of the songs we have, none of the lyrics are set. For this particular song, I only have vague placeholder ones – they sound good, but they’re completely meaningless. 

Saturday they had a big ol’ swap meet a block from my apartment, with free hot dogs which I was tragically forced to avoid. I picked up some blank journals and a gaelic primer which pictures. Looks fun.    Saturday Chris “Chappy” Woods emailed me and Stewie informing that he’d be in town on Sunday and luckily we were both free. So we spent Sunday doing lots of fun stuff. First we had breakfast at Denny’s, then we hit Zulu Records where I got rid of 28 of my old CDs (about half of what I brought) and picked up the new Supergrass. Then we went to The Comicshop where I actually bought some comics! Despite my experience at RX I found the staff at TC helpful and friendly as always. I got the two issues of Teen Titans that featured six pages of Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew (I didn’t read the Titans story). I was a little disappointed but it was good to see those old friends anyway. I also picked up the graphic novel of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume two – the Martian one. Long overdue to have in my collection and I’m enjoying it so far.

Then we hit the candy store where I picked up some sugar free licorice and then we went to the 218 flavour gelato store where I enjoyed some sugar free chocolate gelato. Fun for the whole damn family, including Mr Tiny Peter and his many diaper changings. We serendipitously bumped into Marlo while she was riding her bike near Commercial Drive so she got to meet the drunk midget. 

I don’t know exactly what it was but I suspect that it was the gelato that had my stomach making horrific noises and more I won’t go into. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have any dairy for nigh two months (yes, Mom, I’m getting my calcium, try not to worry). I hope this experiment hasn’t made me intolerant to lactose. That would suck. 

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  1. All the “Sugar Free” stuff can have, ah, side effects. Read the mouse print on the packages for the warnings of gastro-intestinal rumbles and, ah, well, anal thingies. Fun-Fun!

  2. So I have come to learn. I wonder what it is. The maltitol? Cuz I’ve had lots of other sugar free stuff in the past 2 months and nothing like that happened. I wonder if it was the licorice combo.

  3. Yep, Slave-On has warnings all over their sugar-free confections that they could have a laxative effect. Boy do they!

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