Several Little Things part 1

I’m not a fan of makeup. I don’t think makeup brings anything to the table. I think it’s outdated. I think people (women) rely on it, and it falls into the whole beauty myth – hey wasn’t there a book by that name? Most importantly on a personal level: if I can notice it, it does not look good. You will always look better without it. So when I read about Running Press making a deal with Cover Girl to place the latter’s product in a young adult novel, it made me feel sad and outraged. 

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  1. I think you need to watch “What Not To Wear” on Friday nights on TLC and see the astonishing difference a decent amount of makeup can make to someone’s appearance.

  2. Really, it’s like a trick to paint yourself up and fool people into thinking you’re good-looking. Then, the morning after – oh my God, what have I done?!?! Wretched and wrong! And the ones who SLEEP with makeup on – dear God. I wear only a little mascara and lip pencil because otherwise I look like a little kid, and no one takes me seriously. My boss would love it if I would wear more, as he equates being made-up and coiffed with being professional-looking. He’s also Puerto Rican and has a wife who is as big around as a twig, so go figure. Point being, make-up is fake-up, and some people are just ugly. Be proud of your ugly self, ugly people, don’t try to hide it. We’ll find out. I promise.

  3. “No thanks.”

    Well it’s good to see you’re open-minded, just like you wish Christians would be in another recent post…

  4. Caking on makeup Tammy Fay style is unecessary & leads me to believe that she & others of her kind may need glasses (or to drink less before 9am rolls around) Badly applied eyeliner, racing stripe blush, and recently punched in the mouth lips are not something that I would encourage…

    Makeup applied here & there with taste, and frugality, on the other hand, is meant to accentuate the features that you already have… not mar or drown them out. It’s like, say, tinting your hair a different colour… it’s a little flair on what you already have, a little sumpin sumpin….

    Self esteem hanging on makeup use though.. that, I’m not all that into… but I do like my gloss & shadow.

  5. I suppose it’s like acting – the best kind is when you don’t know it’s there.

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