Pillow Kill

Went to Sherane’s last night and played Pictionary. The closest the other team got to “suffocate” was “pillow kill.” Good times.
I spent some time today figuring out what I’m going to be doing for my drawing course/workshop/slackademics deal. 12 people voted for it on the slackademics poll but only one has come forward by name as a student. Is this the terrible weakness in the plan? I guess we’ll find out. Lani also is considering a mahjong class which I think would be fantastic.

Uh…what else. I spoke with someone today who was born in 1916. He asked me when his new card expired and I said 2009. He said “that’s only three months from now!” I said “that’s three YEARS from now.” “Oh, I think I need to see a psychiatrist” was his reply to that. Cute.

I was talking about one of my heroes, David Attenborough, a while back. Well, he turned 80 recently, and as a result I was able to find a clip from his documentary The Life of Birds which you are going to love: it is the lyre bird of Australia. Click here for the wmv file.

And here are some youtube Sesame Street vids.

This is a good one – nice payoff: Letters Versus Numbers

Mahna Mahna gets up to his old tricks

Who all lives in a capital I? We do.

20 hits from the hookah

5 Replies to “Pillow Kill”

  1. Man I totally thought they were gonna play football in numbers vs. letters. Too bad they decided on tiddleywinks.

  2. For Slackademics, how many people do you need for each class to make it a success?

    For your drawing course you have one name who has come forward. So that’s one person who wants to learn something new.

    Doesn’t that count as a success? (Albeit in an “early days” sense?)

  3. I was one of the ones who voted for the drawing class. I took art in high school so I know about perspectives, but that’s as far as I got. I’m pretty good at eye-copying art from comic books.

  4. grandpa was born in 1916, and he will be turning 90 in Sept. Will you be attending? what a hope. hugs,

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