Weekend Update

According to the radio, Madonna is crazy crazy for me. That’s nice. My past couple days have been busy with slackademics, my recording setup, and gaming. Last night during Mutants & Masterminds Joe and I switched places – now he is the GM and I am a player. My character, Zero, is a power mimic so that should keep me interested. We’re fighting super-nazis on an alternate Earth.

Lance, one of the other extras in X3, emailed me and mentioned that he saw both of us in a scene which I had missed on my viewing – one with Magneto and Callisto.

Jordan and Tara dropped by on Sunday with my new acoustic guitar. I also dropped in on Yvonne unexpectedly on Saturday while I was in her neighborhood garage sailing and we caught up on things. I grabbed my old Yamaha keyboard off of her and so now I have lots of studio instruments, for what it’s worth.

Joe agreed to do up a proper slackademics website, so that should help things along. I definitely have quorum for a drawing course, so I just have to figure out when that will be. If you’re interested in joining let me know what days of the week are generally good for you. Rowan pointed out http://www.freeschool.vcn.bc.ca to me, which looks like a kind of hippiesque “radical” version of slackademics (topics are/were voluntary simplicity, beyond sensory perception, readings and history on sexuality, and graffiti and guerilla public art). Useful to see that they are/were holding their learning groups at Spartacus Books. They also seem to be stagnant or defunct as of March.