Slackademics – The Most Interesting of Interests.

Here’s the question of the day – which I have made into a poll. What subject(s) would get you out to a Slackademics class in Vancouver?

At the end of the survey it will ask you to register to create your own surveys, but you don’t have to. The results will be viewed by me and I’ll try to organize the very first class.

I’ve also made a yahoogroup if you’re interested in joining that.


2 Replies to “Slackademics – The Most Interesting of Interests.”

  1. i completed your survey. i am TOTALLY interested in er.. slackademics (do i really need to call it that though?) although as you know i’m not at present in the country. planning to return…someday…perhaps sooner than later…i could eventually add Mandarin to your list of potential subjects. best of luck with this endeavour.

  2. Yes, you really need to call it that. Yes you should teach us all Mandarin but don’t screw with the percentages until you’re back in Vancouver!!! And bring me some candy!

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