Slackademics: The Makening

I’ve really been mulling the Slackademics thing over. I’ve emailed Joe to see whether he’d be interested in putting together an official website, with forums, mailing list options, database, etc. Maybe, just maybe, this will catch on, and I can help make it happen outside of just Vancouver. I’ve already got some interest from some friends that I’ve emailed and who’ve read the blog.


Vegetarian Cooking *
Vegan Cooking *
Wedding Planning
Basic Feminism/Feminist Film Theory
Horror/SciFi Film Theory
Search Engine Optimization *
Photoshop/Digital Graphics Manipulation *
Web Design/HTML tips *
Drawing **
Scrabble Strategy
Origami (possible) **
Accordian Orientation
Music Theory
Acoustic Guitar *
Method Acting
Miniature Painting (**)
Kitchen Safety
Algebra, Fractions
Unarmed Combat
Swimming ****
Crisis Intervention and Suicide Awareness/Response
Basics of Safe Facilitation for Youth
Thirty Years of Text Adventuring, From Advent to Zork to Today
Voice Acting
Cooking (Savory or Desserts) & Chocolate Making. *
Jewelry Making **
Lantern Making **
Psychology (ADHD/Autism)(Creativity)
IQ Assessment
Chinese Culture, Religion & History
History of Christianity & the Church
Buy/Sell Stuff on eBay
Run an Online Business
Grow Plants from Seeds
Beeswax Candles
Cheap Spa Treatments at Home
Make Brochures
Play Drums
Currey Dishes

So if you’re interested in any of those – let me know and I’ll mark it, dude.

A little incentive for teachers, I thought, would be free dinner. Maybe everyone who comes to the class brings an hors ‘douevre or just puts in a fiver for pizza or something. It could be worked out easily.

* – requires equipment
** – requires supplies
*** – requires specific location
**** – gymastics and crappy animation don’t mix

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