Music and Sound.

I’ve heard good things (on the internet) about the Shure SM-58 microphone and the TASCAM US-122 preamp, so I might go out and buy them tomorrow. There goes my cell phone budget. I wonder which is better – Long & McQuade or Tom Lee music? Hmm if only I knew some musicians.

Also I’m looking to buy a mic stand and a music stand so if you got those lying around doing nothing give me a shout.

Oh and sound dampeners…I’m sure there’s a name for that stuff.

And now, il monstro:


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  1. Go to Listen to his first 10 minute podcast (you can listen to it right on the webpage via a Flash interface). He describes his recording set-up (he also is a regular contributor to the CBC). You might find it interesting, the hardware that is, because software he does everything on a Mac.

  2. Nice tentacles you have there Mr. McBane…

    And good luck with the buying of things…

    I’ve used a lot of dots in these comments….


  3. Copying and pasting and no font resizor in WordPress! Unless you count the html editor, which I do not.

  4. Sound dampner is callled….. foam.
    There’s a bedding and mattress place just up the road from where you and I work, on broadway. Darcey’s bought foam from them before, I’m sure you could talk to them about buy sheets of it. Your room is full of stuff, so the bare minimum you’ll want to cover is the ceiling.

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