The Veil

toastveil.jpg Last Monday, after Mutants & Masterminds, Mike showed us the extended cut of The Veil, which I had a cameo in and was also Lovecraftian story consultant. The cut for the 48 hour horror film festival had to be 6 or 7 minutes. Our story was 11 minutes long and now the finished film reflects that. I’m making sure Mike submits it to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival this year.

It’s not online but you can see stills here:

Anyway, yeah – it was great! I wish it was even longer. Very moody and nice to look at. The only bit I think it could do without is the bloody pancakes – but pancakes was part of the film fest package so what can you do?

FUNNY LINK ADDENDUM: “Mom, it’s Secret Wars day, remember?”

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  1. I still demand to know more about that psychiatrist. What was his motivation? Was he involved with the cult? Why did he give her the /yellow/ pills? Why not the purple ones?

    And I’ve been meaning to post that Secret Wars video in my blog for at least a week or so. You beat my procrastinating ass to it. 😉

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