I now have a 232 gb hard drive.

My last computer had about 24. That’s a lot of new space to wade around in.

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  1. Torrent! Torrent! 🙂

    I have a 180Gb drive and I’m thinking of getting a second one already. Must archive!

  2. More stats on Toren’s new computer: AMD Athlon-64 3000+, 1 GB RAM, onboard Geforce 6100 video.

    And I installed uTorrent for him, so yeah, he can do that.

    Both my work and torrenting means that I’ve got four hard drives in my system totalling about a TeraByte and 3 externals for nearly another TB. Guh.

  3. …and a lot to lose all at once. Remember that when you start pulling lots and lots of data…

  4. There’s a radio show on CiTR you would like. I don’t think they have a podcast, but if there’s any way you can listen to it/tape it while you’re at work, it’s on from 10am to noon on Thursdays. They play old-timey music from the 20s to the 40s. This week they played all 20s stuff.

  5. If it don’t glow, it has to go back!

    “Athlon-64” Is that like our gamer pentathelon?

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