"We were remiss in that regard"

toast1_mahna_mahna2.jpg I borrowed The Muppets first season on DVD from Joe. I thought, given that several of the guest stars in that first season in 1976(?) are names that have no meaning to me, that watching the shows wouldn’t be worth my while. How wrong I was. Brilliant. Inspired and inspiring. Entertainment aside, you can also turn on pop-up facts, which offer insight into Henson and Frank Oz(nowicz), where the songs come from, the guest stars, etc etc. Watching the Muppet Glee Club perform “Temptation*” was a perfect blend of “on” comedic timing and singing prowess. Really fantastic. More!


* – so far unable to find original performance information. Too many songs on Soulseek named Temptation!

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  1. Is the DVD box covered in furry muppet skin? I seem to remember hearing that that was one of the ‘features’ but haven’t seen it on any copies I’ve seen in stores. Maybe it was just on the original printing or something.

  2. I was just looking through the list of Muppet Show guest stars and you were right about names that are unrecognizable now. But, starting with season two, the names become much more recognizable. Season two alone had, among others, Don Knotts, Steve Martin (I have vague memories about this episode), Peter Sellers, and John Cleese.

  3. I bought the same DVD for my younger sister’s birthday about a week ago. She loved it!

    The Tempation song is a lounge classic, I believe from the 50’s. You may want to check with the fine folks at luxuriamusic.com.

  4. Interesting site, that luxuriamusic.com, but no hits on Temptation. I have learned that it has been performed by Bing Crosby, words by Arthur Freed, music by Nacio Herb Brown. That may be the first recording, circa 1933.

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