From Badminton to Worseminton

I may scan in another Horribles tonight. If you’re very lucky. Because I have no plans for tonight. Anyone want to go see a movie at Tinseltown?

Last night Joe and I went to drop in to badminton at the Mt Pleasant Community Center but they were all full up (we were told after waiting a half hour). I have to invest in a net and racquets so that we can go to any park on any sunny day and play any time we want. All of us! You and me! BADMINTON!!! I’ll just have to find out who sells such things. Sport Mart? Doubtful. WalMart? Probably but it will be a cold day in hell etc etc….

Meanwhile, check out this video from the Mercury probe MESSENGER as it leaves our front porch.

This is the planet you live on.

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